1 Apr

Hi guys! Have you heard one of my original songs, “Deep” ?? If not… you can check it out on my BANDCAMP site that I started out about a month ago (https://colleenryanmusic.bandcamp.com) ! All of my songs are free to download… HOWEVER, if you’re feeling extra kind you can name your price.

Back to my song “Deep”…I made my very own music video for the song by myself + uploaded it to YouTube.  The video was getting an insane amount of views + was about to reach 9,000 before YouTube deleted it out of the blue, I’m still unsure as to why that happened.  Anyway, they re uploaded it with 0 likes, 0 comments + 0 views.  I’m about to reach 100 views (which isn’t much compared to 9,000) but it would mean THE WORLD to me if you’d check it out!

I also have a few new covers I’ve posted onto my YouTube page so be sure to check those out as well if you’re headed in that direction.  I love you all, like always, and appreciate all your support more than words can express.

Love, Colleen Ryan.



3 Feb



I already have one amazing puppy + one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met in my entire life but this weekend I fell in love all over again.  I always stumble upon adoptions, they’re never planned out for me (even more of a reason why it feels like fate). I’m not one of those radical people who are against buying puppies from pet stores, I have an amazing Pug + Pug mix back in NJ living with my family + they’re both little angel babies sent from the heavens.  ANYWAY, I’m just going to put together a fun little list of why you should consider adopting your next pet rather than buying a pure bred fuzzy baby (even though they’re equally cute + amazing).

#1- An obvious one here- there isn’t a line of people waiting to buy this fuzzy baby (cat or dog).  chances are they’re spending their nights alone in an animal shelter or a foster home just waiting for their forever family to come + find them.  the lucky ones get homes…

#2- You’ll be amazed at how grateful these animals are.  coming from a person who has owned both pure bred dogs +  rescue dogs there is a difference in their personalities (I’m not saying pure breeds are a**holes at all- they’re amazing, it’s just a difference I’ve noticed).  sometimes a shelter animal might be a little timid at first, + they have every right to be! when they warm up to their new home you are LITERALLY their saving grace- you saved their life. They will be loyal to you in a way you can only imagine for their entire life.

#3- This is a fun one- you never know what they’ll end up looking like!  a shelter can do everything it can to try to figure out what breeds make up the little pup you adopted but chances are they’re guessing just like you.  for instance- when I adopted my first baby Louie I thought he was going to look like a little terrier / doberman mix… but he ended up having THE biggest pointy ears,  long skinny legs + a cute little chubby neck + belly.  Whenever people ask me what type of dog he is I respond by saying, “your guess is as good as mine!”  Watching these puppies grow into dogs is fun + rewarding.

#4- Dogs that are mixed with tons of different breeds tend to have less health risks than pure bred dogs- this is a fact.

#5- You’ll end up with the coolest looking family with so much variety.  I used to want to buy tons of Pugs (whenever I had saved up enough money to afford them)… I just wanted a herd of Pugs.  I know- that would look pretty cool + hilarious.  The herd of animals I ended up with is even more funny.  I started out with Dublin, a gigantic cat with the biggest green eyes I’ve ever seen (who also thinks he’s a person) then I found Louie, my little black, tan + white Min-Pin / Terrier / Chihuahua / mini German Shepard / whatever else mix.  Louie thinks he’s half cat because of Dublin so you can imagine the personality on that guy.  Now I have Savannah- this little girl has one blue eye, one green eye + tan freckles on half of her body.  I’m SO excited to see how she grows up + what she becomes.

This is the end of my list (for now).  If you’re looking for a new addition to your family check out your local animal shelter / animal rescue organizations.  You just might find your perfect match.

Love, Colleen Ryan.

Daps & Sounds

31 Jan

Two posts in one day?! Okay, Okay…

I came back to tell you to show some support for dapsandsounds.com (an AMAZING music blog). This blog features every type of artist, every genre, songs from every era, ect… hey, you might even come across some of my songs over there ;)


^ Ch ch ch check that out! Such kind words.  Support local artists (musicians, clothing companies, writers, dancers, poets…whoever they may be.)  Not all of us are lucky enough to have big name labels backing us + promoting our work so LET’S STICK TOGETHER + do that for one another! It doesn’t always have to a be a competition of who is better than the other person- just live and let live.  Do you, be the best you that you can be while someone else goes + does the exact same thing… because guess what? The best you is completely different than the best of someone else.

If you want to do me a favor, or do yourself a favor, go out of your way today to tell an artist that you appreciate their work.  Browse YouTube, music blogs, whatever… it doesn’t matter what forum.  I bet you’ll make their day.

Love, Colleen Ryan.

Doses & Mimosas

31 Jan

Have you ever heard this song by a group called Cherub?  If not- go listen because it’s amazing + sounds way different than the way I chose to cover it.  This was the first time I ever thought of playing this song + I made up some chords that seemed to fit on the spot.  Basically I was just trying to have some fun with the cover, no fancy mics, no fancy cameras, just me, my guitar + my iPhone.  Enjoy!

Love, Colleen Ryan.


29 Jan

This is another one of my songs I recorded with Taylor Bryan off my EP called, “The Beach House Sessions.” This is a basic recording- guitar + vocals. I hope to get a band to record on it eventually, I think that’ll fill out the sound really nicely (any bands out there wanna play with me?!). This is one of the first songs I’ve ever written- probably about 5 years ago but it’s still one of my favorites. The lyrics are pretty spicy + the ending is my favorite part.  I hope you like it! Be on the look out for new tracks + music videos.

To stay in touch you can follow me on twitter (@colleen_ryan) + instagram (colleen_ryan).

Love, Colleen Ryan.

You Let My Light In

18 Jan


I finally decided to share a song I recorded with Taylor Bryan back in December off my compilation of songs called “The Beach House Sessions.” This is one of my favorites & its very special to me. We kept it very simple with one layer of vocals & an acoustic guitar. Let me know what you guys think, it’s one hell of a love song.

LOVE LOVE LOVE, Colleen Ryan.


12 Jan

Hello everybody! I haven’t been writing on here as much as I should be, I’m sorry!  I have some pretty awesome tracks recorded for my EP + I can’t wait to share them with you! I’m working on getting together some album artwork + more music videos before I release anything.  I’m a big perfectionist, some would say that’s a good thing but at times it can get a little frustrating.  I’ve been in New Jersey for the holidays + I’ve been writing like crazy over here!  Check out some new recordings I posted on my SoundCloud a few weeks ago.  One song I posted is a new original I just wrote + the other is a blues freestyle I did with my friend Thomas (we made the guitar riff + the lyrics up as we went… it got a little funny).

In the mean time, check out the song I have posted up there ^ + let me know what you think! We recorded it in my basement + the quality is so so.  If you want to stay more connected during my absences on this site follow me on twitter / find me on instagram! I’ll list both links at the bottom of this post.  Thanks so much for your continued support + your patience as I try to get everything together for this EP.  Love Love Love!

Twitter: @colleen_ryan

Instagram: colleen_ryan

Love, Colleen Ryan.